Wild Roots Spirits Begins New Era With Canned Cocktails

Lava rock and the abundance of Oregon-grown fresh fruit play starring roles in these on-the-go libations.

wild roots spirits canned cocktails

Wild Roots Spirits crafts their infused line of fruited spirits in ways that make them fit in as well at the farmer’s market as in a cocktail bar. Although classic vodka and gin are among their offerings, the Northwest craft distillery is well known for fruit infused alcohol. Co-owner of Wild Roots Spirits, Ali Joseph, took a moment to share insights into what makes Wild Roots stand out in the crowded craft spirits market.

“Wild Roots is always true to the fruit. We are inspired by our roots in the Pacific Northwest and strive to embody the spirit of the great place we call home,” she said. “We use over a pound of fruit in every bottle, which makes us stand out in the crowd of flavored spirits”

Spirits Infused With Pacific Northwest Fruit Flavors

Wild Roots products can now be found on select days at Portland area farmers markets. The fruit infusions include Northwest fruits and berries like huckleberry, raspberry, and marionberry. According to Wild Roots, they don’t use artificial fruit extracts, flavors, or colors. The Marionberry Infused Vodka is one of Wild Roots most popular products, according to Joseph.

“The Marionberry infusion has the bold taste of Oregon in every sip.” Joseph explained that since Wild Roots uses so much actual fruit, “you really get a deep, rich berry taste. It’s like liquid jam with a kick!” Other fruit infusions include raspberry, apple and cinnamon, cranberry, huckleberry, and more. Although Wild Roots fruit infusions stand out, the core is their traditional Wild Roots Vodka which also happens to be their other most popular product. This vodka is handcrafted using purified water and American-grown corn.

“Our Wild Roots Vodka is filtered 100x. We replicate Mother Nature’s filtration system by using lava rock for an ultra smooth, crisp and premium experience,” she explained. Wild Roots also creates two varieties of gin – classic and grapefruit and cucumber infused gin. During the early summer, Wild Roots introduced a new line of canned sparkling craft Vodka and soda cocktails. “Wild Roots Vodka & Soda is unlike any hard seltzer on the market,” said Joseph in a press announcement. “We’re using real fruit and premium spirits to offer an elevated approach to the classic vodka & soda. It’s canned and ready to enjoy whether you’re spending time in the garden, relaxing at the pool, at a tailgate, or out camping.”

According to Wild Roots, the Vodka & Soda is available in peach, raspberry, lemon, and blackberry vodka infusions. Each 12oz can contains 4% alcohol by volume and uses the all-natural ingredients associated with the brand.

A Family of Oregon Craft Spirits and Beverages

Husband and wife team Chris and Ali Joseph founded Wild Roots in 2012. They told Portland Business Journal they enjoyed flavored vodka but didn’t enjoy the headache caused by some flavored spirits. They started experimenting with all-natural infusions which led to the formation of Wild Roots.

As Pacific Northwest natives, the Josephs were inspired by the abundant fruit of the Willamette Valley. According to the Wild Roots Spirits website: “There were few places in the world that produced fruit as flavorful and abundant as Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The rich soil, pure water, and exceptional climate allow the fruit to develop unparalleled taste and balance—which is crucial for creating an authentic tasting spirit.“

Like many other craft food and beverage companies, 2020 brought change. Northwest Natural Spirits, the distillery behind Wild Roots Spirits, acquired Cascade Street Distillery in the first fiscal quarter of 2020. Cascade Distillery is a Sisters, Oregon based craft distillery with a small portfolio of specialty spirits of their own. Bend Source Weekly reported that Nick Beasley, founder of Cascade Street Distillery, is a long-time collaborator with the Josephs and the two craft brands shared a production space in Sisters.

This merger resulted in Cascade Spirits which is now is home to several popular and new Northwest craft distilleries including:

  • Wild Roots Spirits – classic simple vodka and gin as well as fruit-infused spirits.
  • Cascade Street Potato – A 5x distilled, gluten free potato vodka.
  • Broken Top Mountain Whiskey – This brand is known for making “welcoming and approachable premium whiskies.”
  • Sun Ranch Spirits – A Sisters Oregon-based distillery crafting vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum.
  • Good Tide Spirits – An upcoming brand featuring fruit infusions that may invoke “the feeling of a weekend getaway to your personal happy place?

Wild Roots’ Portland Tasting Room Reopens 

Wild Roots reopened their NE Portland tasting room last month, located on a bustling corner of East Burnside and Grand Avenue. Guests can get a true taste of Oregon with a flight or a mini cocktail. Now open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m.

“Our Portland tasting room is light, bright and welcoming. We offer spirits flights, mini cocktails (including slushies!), bottles for sale and merchandise,” Joseph explained. “It is a great place to try the entire line-up if you have previously only tasted one or two Wild Roots Spirits.”

Wild Roots Spirits tasting room is located at 77 NE Grand Ave. Suite F. Portland, OR. Their Instagram and Pinterest profiles regularly feature product news and cocktail recipes featuring Wild Roots vodka and gin.

Check their store locator for a retail location near you.

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