Southern Oregon’s Best: Iced Coffee

Take the edge off that summer heat at one of these craft coffee roasters in the Rogue Valley.

glass of iced coffee on small tile topped table in southern oregon

Slaves to the bean tend to get creative when crafting a beverage. The cartoons and jokes glorifying highly-hyphenated hot latte drink-descriptions don’t exaggerate! But what about cold drinks? What’s out there besides the blended drinks made from scary processed powders? Southern Oregon cafes have you covered.

Where’s the best spot to cool off with coffee? Luckily the Rogue Valley has more than its share of high quality cafes, many of which serve locally- or Oregon-roasted beans! Cold brew coffee is prepared by using a “toddy” maker. Basically, grounds are soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours. The resulting brew is drained through a thick filter, and cold brew concentrate is obtained. Your barista then cuts this liquid with 1/3 water and 1/3 ice. Cold brew contains more caffeine and less acid than drip coffee and is considered to have a higher concentration of flavor.

Ice drip coffee uses a slightly different system (shown here) but produces a similar beverage. Ice drip is often served undiluted, with a sort of “iced espresso” twist.
Coffee-quaffers can also choose to make unblended ice lattes with their milk of choice and freshly-brewed espresso.


Noble Coffee Roasting

281 4th Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Ashland-based Noble Coffee Roasting gets three mentions today -the first is their excellent and spacious cafe on 4th Street in Ashland’s gallery-rich Railroad District. The converted dance space has a big-city warehouse feel with highly professional and friendly staff. Coffee is roasted on-site by dedicated coffee-nerds. Try the cold brew coffee or the ice drip; both are made with Single Origin Coffees that change frequently. You simply can’t go wrong here.


57 N 1st Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Located on the bustling downtown plaza in Ashland, Mix Sweet Shop has served delicious Portland-roasted Stumptown Coffee and decadent pastries for four years. Trained by Stumptown’s nationally recognized baristas, the crew at Mix will whip up delicious espresso and pour it over their homemade ice cream as a classic affogatto. Yum doesn’t cover it. They also serve up cold-brew coffee and iced espresso drinks.

Case Coffee

1255 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland, OR 97520

Open Weekdays 7am-6pm and Sat 8am-4pm

This friendly and sleek coffee shop, located across the Boulevard from Southern Oregon University provides an excellent iced brew! They mostly serve locally roasted Noble coffee, but owners Tim and Katie Case enjoy mixing it up a bit by incorporating other roasters as well. They use an ice-drip system to make their cold brew fresh daily.


The Good Bean

165 South Oregon Street
Jacksonville, OR 97530

A Jacksonville icon, this cafe fits right into the charming old mining town. Iced lattes have long been a local favorite. Get one before heading up the hill to the Britt Music Festival! Or sit in the cafe, located in the old Table Rock Billiard and Saloon building, circa 1852.

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