Which Foods Are GMO?

Which Foods Are GMO?

Which foods are GMO and which aren’t? It’s a question on the minds of many food shoppers these days and one that I decided to look into as a way to make… See More

Getting to Know Your Honey

Honeybees. No matter whether you love ’em or hate ’em, they are an endangered species these days.  Under fire from a host of environmental hazards, bees have become the darling of local… See More

Eat Your Yard: Zucchini

Editor’s note: With long hot days spreading across the land, don’t give up on getting some heat-loving plants started in the ground or large pots. You’ll be able to eek… See More

Farmers Market Finds: Icicle Radish

With small family farms leading the way on seed diversity, I’m seeing really unique varieties of fruits and vegetable showing up in the market this year.  To celebrate their accomplishments and… See More

Sustainably Simple and Crisp

Walking through the doors of one of my favorite local shops, Downtown Market, in Medford, Oregon, I came across this little package of fruity, healthy, gluten-free Simple and Crisp. My… See More

Cooking Up A Story: The Future of Food

This video raises some interesting points about organic farming and the deeper implications of “big food.” A technology which is less and less used with integrated pest management. Above, a… See More

Quinoa Pasta Packs a Nutrition Punch

A couple of years ago my doctor suggested I remove wheat and sugar from my diet. At the time I had experienced a heart problem and was thirty pounds overweight…. See More

Almond Flour: Ancient Food for a Modern Day Diet

Almond Flour: Ancient Food for a Modern Day Diet

What if I told you that a food dating back to 1400 BCE could be substituted for our modern day, all-purpose flour, reduce your caloric intake by nearly 80%, your… See More

How to Grow Quinoa

Southern Colorado and finicky plants don’t usually go together. Unless, of course, that crop is quinoa! This versatile grain has been growing in South American mountains for centuries, but only… See More

Seeds Under Siege

Seeds Under Siege

If you haven’t heard about the culture war taking place across the globe about who has rightful ownership over seeds, it’s time to pull your head out of the sand…. See More