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Fry Family Opens Organic Food Store and Farm Hub

Fry Family Farm launched its food store and farmer hub in Medford Oregon in August 2016. Shoppers will find locally grown organic produce and artisanal products, some made in-house by their kitchen team.

Pasta Gardner Teams Up With Local Farmers

He didn’t have a nonna, but a cooking stint in Italy gave Chef Jeff Gardner the credentials to launch his pasta company.

Oregon Artisans Reap Good Food Awards

At a January 15 awards ceremony in San Francisco, the Good Food Awards recognized the food producers that are leading the way in creating a “tasty, authentic and responsible food… See More

Food Stars at Provisions Market Hall

Food hall emporiums are spreading across the nation like wildfire. This long-held European tradition manifests as multi-faceted, indoor markets, featuring local food. Meet Provisions Market Hall, a 21st-century food court for local… See More

Pies ala Mode with Local Scoops

You can’t resist a scoop or two of freshly-made, old-fashioned frozen goodness — even during fall and winter. You may not know it, but the Rose City has a variety… See More

Artisans Find a Home at Hatchery

Artisans Find a Home at Hatchery

If you’re anything like me, you live by the golden rule that “variety is the spice of life”. Sometimes the more food choices the better…well, because you want to taste it all,… See More

Growing Food Brings Pocketbook Power

We could probably all agree that the proverbial grocery store provides the busy human with convenience, insatiable variety, and the familiar debit card swipe. But, in the current economic times growing… See More

Growing Food, Not Lawn

Growing Food, Not Lawn

With spring around the corner and seed catalogs in hand (I’m reading Baker Creek, Territorial Seed and Siskiyou Seeds!), my mind has been racing with ideas about how to grow more… See More

Portland’s 2015 Food Fest Begins

Portland’s 2015 Food Fest Begins

For locals and travelers alike, 2015 food festivals in Oregon are taking shape and the operative word is “rich” food…think chocolate, truffles, and seafood. Throw in some master chef show-offs… See More

Eat Your Yard: Zucchini

Editor’s note: With long hot days spreading across the land, don’t give up on getting some heat-loving plants started in the ground or large pots. You’ll be able to eek… See More