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Portland’s 2015 Food Fest Begins

For locals and travelers alike, 2015 food festivals in Oregon are taking shape and the operative word is “rich” food…think chocolate, truffles, and seafood. Throw in some master chef show-offs


On-the-Go With Doug’s Nuts

For 20 years, Eugene’s Doug Furlong was known as “The Ice Cream Man.” A food scientist by trade, Furlong helped to develop some of the most popular and familiar premium


Portland’s Creme-de-la-Creme French Cafes

When you tell people Portland, Oregon and Paris, France are a lot alike, you’ll probably get a few raised eyebrows. Sure, Portland doesn’t have the centuries-old architecture, major fashion houses,


Eugene Bakers On the Rise

From morning toast to late night sandwiches, the plethora of amazing Eugene bread bakers make it harder to reach for a slice of Wonder Bread when craving a carb fix.


Detroit’s Just Baked Cupcake Habit

Pam Turkin, owner of  Detroit’s Just Baked, began with a cupcake obsession. Her background is not in baking but marketing, so she was quick to notice the growing gourmet cupcake trend