Party Downtown Dishes Are Saving The Future

Long a bastion of  rugged individualism portrayed in the growth of local farms, Eugene, Oregon has also been a serious player on the organic restaurant stage. New-ish to the party is Party… See More

Bare Bones Takes Kettle Success to Midwest

The trend is broth-drinking is on the rise and companies are jumping in to meet the consumer demand. Known as a healing ingredient in the daily diet, strong bones are sure to follow.

Seek Out Eugene’s Hideaway Bakery

Central Oregon has a long history of supporting artisanal handcrafted small batch food producers. Locals know just how to find this neighborhood bakery….they follow the scent of fresh bread.

The Expert Guide to Beer and Food Pairing

Beer marketing expert, Ginger Johnson, drops by to share her top tips on why beer and chocolate are perfect partners, and more. Oregon beers are high on her list.

Pasta Gardner Teams Up With Local Farmers

He didn’t have a nonna, but a cooking stint in Italy gave Chef Jeff Gardner the credentials to launch his pasta company.

5 Places to Taste Craft Cider in Central Oregon

Already known for its craft beers, Central Oregon is well suited for hard cider breweries thanks to local heirloom apples.

Food Stars at Provisions Market Hall

Food hall emporiums are spreading across the nation like wildfire. This long-held European tradition manifests as multi-faceted, indoor markets, featuring local food. Meet Provisions Market Hall, a 21st-century food court for local… See More

Ashland Car Wash Yields to Growlers and Latte

It is quite possible the coolest architectural example of reduce-reuse-repurpose in Ashland, Oregon history has just taken place. The last automatic drive-thru car wash in the downtown corridor was scooped up… See More