Sustainable Sourcing at Buttercloud Bakery

At Buttercloud Bakery and Cafe eating in the clouds is one of those life experiences you just shouldn’t miss and their “butterpals” in Medford, Oregon know it’s a fine art. Co-owner and… See More

Rogue Valley Reigns With Weekend Brunch

Organic farms and artisan cheesemakers team up with Rogue Valley chefs to deliver peak flavor brunch.

Bacon Cheesy Grits and Fried Egg

Grits derive their goodness from white corn that is stoneground and filtered to achieve a hearty but mushy consistency. These mild cheesy grits are a perfect backdrop to smoky bacon and herbs…. See More

Chai-Spiced Overnight Oats in a Jar

This grab-n-go breakfast hits the mark on three big flavor notes with the warmth of chai, cooling notes of creamy yogurt, and tropical overtones from coconut. Organic oats are readily available at local co-ops, major… See More

Time to U-Pick and Cook

It’s summertime in the Pacific Northwest! So put some ice in that coffee, break out the sturdy shoes, and head out on an adventure to a local farm to pick… See More

Homemade Holiday Cinnamon Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens featured Our Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls recipe by Joy Taylor in 1991, which with a few minor changes, is quite similar to the outrageous, gooey, puffy bun produced… See More

Craveable Crepes

Some foods are so delicious that they transcend the traditional parameters of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Crepes, I can attest, are just such a dish. With an almost limitless number… See More

The Incredible Edible Squash Blossom Frittata

You’ve got your squash planted, and they’re growing like crazy in the summer heat. When the first blossoms open, you can almost taste the zucchini that’s sure to appear in… See More