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Eugene’s Best Loved Bakery Temptations

If Eugene’s best bakeries have one thing in common, it is the french inspiration their respective owners drew from not only in naming their cafes, but in the skillful application… See More

Neuman Hotel Group Launching Luna Cafe

  Best known for their award winning restaurants in the Rogue Valley, Neuman Hotel Group is set to unveil its newest dining destination in June 2016. Following on the reno theme of their… See More

Artisans Find a Home at Hatchery

Artisans Find a Home at Hatchery

If you’re anything like me, you live by the golden rule that “variety is the spice of life”. Sometimes the more food choices the better…well, because you want to taste it all,… See More

Best Online Shops for Artisanal Foods

One of the best things about any holiday is the extra attention we give to the food we cook and finding ways to make it special for family and guests. But we also want simple, easy… See More

Artisan Food is Here to Stay

This breakfast egg shot that my foodie friend, Gwenne Wilcox, sent me really got me thinking about one of the reasons that I declared 2014 as The Year of the… See More

Seattle Locals Love: Chukar Cherries

The noble Washington cherry. Sweet, firm and pleasant to the eye, it’s one of the many natural bounties that make Washington such a great state. And yet that little stone… See More

Global Spices at the Eastern Market

Rocky Peanut Company has been family owned and operated since it began as a small produce company in 1931. By 1957, the company had expanded from one truck selling produce… See More

Shop Local: A Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

Have you made the pledge to shop local for holiday gifts this year? The Local Dish is here to help you out with some of our writers’ favorite purveyors of… See More

Corridor Sausage Co. Now Available at Morgan & York

Before July 31, Corridor Sausage Co. products could only be found on restaurant menus. On Saturday, July 31, company owners Will and Zach celebrated the launch of their retail product… See More

“Charcuterie” by Michael Ruhlman, Reviewed

I opened the almost-two-pound box with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, knowing that my copy of Charcuterie, co-authored by culinary journalist Michael Ruhlman, and Brian Polcyn, owner… See More