Eugene’s Party Downtown Is Saving The Future

Chefs and co-owners Tiffany Norton and Mark Kosmicki display a commitment to the local, organic plate.

party downtown

Long a bastion of  rugged individualism portrayed in the growth of local farms, Eugene, Oregon has also been a serious actor on the organic restaurant stage. New-ish to the party is Party Downtown, with a name that gives a nod to its origin as Party Cart.  It morphed in 2013 into a brick and mortar eatery when it entered into a space collaboration with Red Wagon Creamery on 8th Alley.

Here’s a look at three amazing Party Downtown dishes, created in their rustic-chic kitchen that features organic American cuisine. Craft sodas and cocktail options can be had tableside or in their speakeasy-style bar.

Smoked Beet Salad with Sweet and Sour Rhubarb, Arugula and Shoestring Beets on a Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing. Photo by The Local Dish.

When you talk with Chefs Tiffany Norton and Mark Kosmicki, partners in life and cooking, they might have a hard time choosing a favorite dish. The changing seasons and availability of local ingredients gives them plenty of reason to waffle. Their commitment to local sourcing runs as deep as their concern for protecting the region’s food supply. As a result, favorites change frequently for them, as it does for their new and longstanding fans.

Party Downtown Albacore
Albacore Tuna Tataki: Pastrami Spice Seared Tuna with Smoked Tonnato, Sauerkraut and Pickled Mustard Seed. Photo by The Local Dish

Whether you arrive through the creamery’s streetside entrance or through the non-distinct alley side, the result is the same. Chefs who say “it’s our duty to the future generations to be as sustainable and mindful as possible”, who source their ingredients locally, and make inventive, successful use of the seasonal harvest. Everyone wins.

Top image: Thai-inspired son-in-law egg. Deep fried hard boiled egg with seasonal fruit caramel, fried shallot, and cilantro.


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