Eugene’s Hideaway Bakery is Hidden Gem

hideaway bakery

Eugene’s Hideaway Bakery is nestled in a secluded location with a sanctuary-esque atmosphere in southeast Eugene. It’s the quintessential eatery to enjoy the first meal of your day. Not an early riser or “morning person?” You will be once you eat here.

Upon entering the outdoor seating area, your senses are immediately bombarded with the warm and comforting aroma of freshly baked bread. Not only do they bake their loaves in a traditional wood-fired oven, they also use local, recycled wood to fire it up.

The café, located in the same area as the wood-fired oven, offers a hefty amount of options for the most important meal of the day. The morning hour pastry menu caters to all ages and tastes and includes satisfying menu that includes their tender, addictive Almond Bear Claw and flaky Pain au Raisin. They also offer an extensive variety of vegan and gluten-free items such as ginger snap cookies and muffins.

If you need a bit more than a pastry to satisfy your morning hunger, the café also offers a rustic breakfast menu. Dishes range from healthy Muesli with yogurt and berries to heartier protein-filled breakfast tacos. And don’t forget your pick-me-up of a strong, hot cup of coffee.

Once you’ve purchased and paid, steer yourself over to the outdoor patio with your number, where you’ll be served shortly. Heaters are provided for brisk mornings. If the weather is cooperating, you can also visit the Saturday on-site farmer’s market from 9am-3pm to purchase from an array of local and organic produce greens, eggs and freshly harvested seasonal fruits and veggies.

After you leave the welcoming warmth of the Hideaway Bakery, you’ll no longer dread the early morning hours. It’s the most delicious way to start your day!

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