The Local Dish users search the site for services, products and events, and we are always working to improve the results our search tool delivers, so they receive the most relevant information.

The Local Dish business directory listings are labeled by up to 3 (three) categories. Business will appear in search results by all categories selected at the time of initial listing. Search results of events will be returned according to all event categories selected at the time of initial event submission.

On The Local Dish search bars, “Places” refer to businesses. Search bars appear at the top of all “directory” pages of Places and Events. Users can search for Places by one of our 12 categories from this search bar. In cases where there are no business listings/places in a particular city, we recommend adjusting your search criteria and try again.

Businesses that close permanently will have been posted on the site for an extensive period of time and will have established Google ranking. In order to decrease the incidence of 404 pages in The Local Dish SEO analysis, businesses will remain active, but marked as closed in the business title. This allows our ranking to be as optimal as possible.