Ghost Kitchens Give New Life to Food Industry

ghost kitchens

As COVID-19 swept across Portland, Oregon and beyond, small business closures and home isolation measures kept untold restaurants from providing their signature services. As of late, food industry owners have started to dabble in “ghost kitchens” as a survival path. Established strictly for delivery-only food service, these commissaries allow businesses to keep their iconic dishes going out the door.

Below are a few umbrella kitchens and food brands that have partnered up to provide delivery-only options for locals. 

Reef Technology:

Reef Technology is a company based out of Florida, but has over 4,500 different locations worldwide. Of those locations, it has several partners operating out of the Portland area. Reef Technology is unique because most of their ghost kitchens are set up in food trucks that are parked in car lots they own. In these food trucks, cooks are hired to provide food services that are then ordered through third-part delivery apps that everyone is familiar with.

Reef Technology’s mission is to help brands grow, while serving thousands of hungry customers that want their favorite dishes at home. 

Reef Technology’s network of Neighborhood Kitchens Food Halls is looking to grow in the Portland area and for now they partner with these restaurants from across the country

Check out these good eats for delivery:


The concept of Kurt Huffman’s ChefStable provides talented chefs with the tools to design, build, and operate restaurants. Originally, ChefStable’s focus was on fulfilling the operational details for its partners. With ChefStable Catering focused on drop-off menu items in the pandemic environment, Huffman made lemonade from lemons by transforming ChefStable into a ghost kitchen with Charlie’s Hot Chicken as its first client.

To order:

Waldorf & Cobb

Waldorf & Cobb is a Portland-based delivery-only company that caters to health-minded eaters. Partnering with ChefStable, this “restaurant” with salad and wrap options can deliver right to your door. This seems like a great idea for a partnership, so all parties can get commissary in these troubling times. 

Portland is loosely known as the “City of Food,” so it’s not a shock that restaurant-based companies are doing what they can to provide food options for the millions of housebound….workers and patients alike.

You can find Waldorf & Cobb on these delivery apps: 

With time, locals will see more ghost kitchens popping up as a means to urban “dining out” in the comfort of home or office.


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