Ashland Restaurants Roll Out Summer Menus

Farmers and chefs are creating a holy alliance at Ashland restaurants that is adding to the region’s appeal and growth. These plates represent a tiny taste of the myriad ways Ashland eateries roll out summer menus. Local summer bounty is showing up in eye-popping plates, bowls… and more than a few cocktail glasses… at these dining establishments.

The results of hardworking folks at such farms as Pennington Farms, TerraSol Organics, Wandering Roots Farm, Rogue Creamery, Barking Moon Farm, and Fry Family Farm make eating with your eyes a worthy first course….before you go.

Amuse Restaurant

Amuse Salmon with Peas and Blueberrie
Slow Poached King Salmon, Fennel Puree, Snap Peas, and Blueberry Bordelaise. Photo credit: Amuse Restaurant.

Under the creative acumen of Chef Erik Brown and his culinary team, local seasonal ingredients favor heavily in every dish at Amuse Restaurant. New on the menu this summer is this Slow Poached King Salmon, Fennel Puree, Snap Peas, and Blueberry Bordelaise, a full visual of the Pacific Northwest. Components also playing prominently in dishes this season include pickled cherries, chimichurri, cherry gastrique, lusterberry vinaigrette, and rose harissa.

Lark’s Home Kitchen Cuisine

Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine Polenta Mozzarell Tomatoes
Crispy Polenta with Heirloom Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Tomato-Corn Cream Sauce and Basil Chiffonade. Image courtesy The Local Dish.

As one of the Neuman Hotel Group’s three restaurants that are inspired and sustained by locally grown food and artisan products, Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine often features vegetable-centric dishes on the menu for diners to experience seasonal Southern Oregon. Basil fennel frond pesto, truffled arugula, fried green tomatoes, grilled corn relish, and roasted apple-fingerling potato hash are but a few of the creative standouts that bring diners closer to their farmers.

Luna Cafe + Mercantile

Luna Cafe Arugula Strawberry Walnut and Feta Salad

Fresh off a retro reno led by Neuman Hotel Group co-owner and designer-in-residence, Becky Neuman, Luna Cafe +Mercantile holds sway with the “casual dining with a view” group. Located inside the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites, the cafe features a 70’s-themed chef+farmer-driven menu with fresh, healthy offerings, including their new summer salad replete with arugula, local strawberries, and honey balsamic dressing. The locally grown berry also forms the basis of housemade ice cream, the perfect antidote to a hot Ashland summer day at Emigrant Lake.

Pie + Vine

Wood-Fired Chicken Salad on Greens with Radish and Parmigiano. Image courtesy The Local Dish
Mixed Greens with Wood-Fired Breaded Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes, Radish and Parmigiano Dressed with White Balsamic Vinaigrette. Image courtesy The Local Dish

Chef Thomas Beam and Lisa Beam reimagined their previous Italian-inspired restaurant, Pasta Piatta, into a new Ashland favorite featuring a menu of wood-fired dishes, locally sourced ingredients, and housemade cheeses. Summer gives Chef Beam the chance to infuse his creations and those of Chef Sam Jackson, with local farm products.

Their iconic Caprese Salad featuring freshly made, silky on the tongue, hand-pulled mozzarella and local heirloom tomatoes, Chef Jackson’s wood-fired chicken over a mound of hearty greens with white balsamic vinaigrette, and Peach Crumble baked humbly in a cast-iron vessel are but a few of the summer bites to be enjoyed at Pie+Vine.

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