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Shrubs and Cocktails

Shrubs Are Redefining Cocktails

With a nod to culinary history, these food artisans are redefining the cocktail with their Oregon shrubs, a modern take on "drinking vinegars".
Hops Farmhouse Breweries

Oregon’s Farmhouse Breweries Invite Beer Lovers Off the Beaten Path

Meet three brewers in Yamhill County that are using local hops, yeast, fruit and water to produce craft farmhouse beers.
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Oregon Coast Distilleries Still Blazing A Trail

Outstanding microdistilleries are a dime a dozen in Portland, but Oregon Coast distilleries are still as rare as a whole sand dollar.
Truffle Chefs Article

Top Chefs Reveal Favorite Oregon Truffle Pairings

From extravagant to budget friendly, Oregon chefs reveal favorite ingredients to pair with the state's foraged prize...truffles.

Oregon Tea Growers Are Reading The Right Leaves

Oregon tea growers say the cool, rainy valleys may be the last place you'd look for a locally produced tea – but you should. Metolius...
Jeff Broadie Lonesome Whistle Farmer

Lonesome Whistle Farm Finds Local Success

Black Dakota Popcorn is one of the most popular grains developed by this Central Oregon farm, a major supplier of heirloom grains and beans in...
100 MIle Bakery 1

100 Mile Bakery Helps All Boats Rise

Nothing in the display case at Springfield’s 100 Mile Bakery immediately tips you off to the fact that this place was born to serve.
Dorris Hazelnuts

Hazelnut History at Dorris Ranch

Hazelnuts are synonymous with Oregon. According to the Hazelnut Marketing Board, 98% of the hazelnuts produced in the United States come from Oregon. The Willamette...
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Savor Summer with U-Pick Strawberries

Organic strawberries for under $2 a pound? Sign me up! There’s a catch, of course.  The bright red berries don’t come packaged neatly in pint-sized...

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