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Ashland Restaurants Peerless Restaurant

Top 9 Best Farm To Table Ashland Restaurants

Oregon’s rich agricultural land yields an abundance of food year round that provides creative juice for Ashland chefs and a thriving farm-to-table scene. Ashland restaurants...
SO Tempranillo Tasting Tours

Popular Tempranillo Wine Tasting in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon and Spain share a similar latitude, making Tempranillo grapes the perfect choice among Applegate and Rogue Valley vintners. The final outcomes are softer and...
Natasha Hopkins The Rogue Grape

Southern Oregon Wines Are Solo Act At The Rogue Grape

In Southern Oregon it seems new wineries are springing up left and right, especially in 2017 when 44 new wineries alone opened in the region....
Andy Card at MasalaJPG

Magical Cocktails by Design at Oberon’s

A desire to learn what makes quality cocktails is something Andy Card aspired to when he became co-owner of Oberon’s Restaurant and Bar in Ashland...
Bounty of Yamhill 4 1

Bounty of Yamhill County Stars Chefs, Farms and Wineries

The Bounty of Yamhill County is a culinary feat like no other. Pairing Willamette Valley chefs with local vintners and farms, its rated one of...
IMG 1227

Eating Close to the Source at Oregon Farm Dinners

More than anything we want to go back to our roots, to be local, harvest food straight from our backyards. Unfortunately these ideas are not...

Best Enviro-Friendly Food Trucks in Oregon

Oregon’s 3rd wave food trucks are on a roll and food with a conscience is on the menu. Organic, local farm to table ingredients, zero...
Silbowitz Family

Grizzly Peak Winery, From Planting to Award Winning

Al Silbowitz sits back on a black leather couch in his tasting room at Grizzly Peak Winery. Surrounding him are boxes of wine that seem...
Bitters Feature Image

The Bitters Truth from 3 Upstart Alchemists

Bitters have a history as digestif and cocktail element dating back to the 1800’s. They have been gaining appeal among upstart alchemists across the country....
Crescendo Double Taps

Double Taps Tasting Room Opens in Grants Pass, OR

With the opening of Double Taps Tasting Room in Grants Pass, it may not be a secret any longer around the Rogue Valley that Crescendo...

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