Double Taps Tasting Room Opens in Grants Pass, OR

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With the opening of Double Taps Tasting Room in Grants Pass, it may not be a secret any longer around the Rogue Valley that Crescendo Organic Spirits has created four liqueurs best enjoyed either as an aperitif or in cocktails.

Tap rooms have gained immense popularity in the Rogue Valley. Especially when the selection is anywhere from ten to twenty different beers, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Double Taps: Tap Room and Craft Spirits isn’t simply another tap room, however. Last December owner and distillery master Kyle Akin opened Double Taps in Grants Pass, Oregon in partnership with the adjacent Heroes American Cafe. Double Taps serves as his second outpost, this time a family-friendly dining and entertainment venue with local wines and beers on tap, a pub-style menu, and a tasting room serving Crescendo craft cocktails.

Using organic fruit and production methods, Akin has been producing Crescendo’s organic limoncello, arancello, limecello, and vodka infused with vanilla bean at his distillery and tasting room located in Eugene’s Westside Warehouse District.  After several years of commuting from his home in Grants Pass, though, he was eager to spend more time with wife and business partner, Cory Roler Akin. “I love the Rogue Valley,” he says. “At some point I’d love to move Crescendo closer to home. The impetus was sort of moving stuff [here] as much as possible. Distilleries are exceptionally hard to get up and running. Tap rooms are much more profitable.”

“I always thought the idea of working with alcohol was really neat,” he says. “It was always one of those super secret things people aren’t supposed to know about or do. His idea was “to make my own product and not have to buy it. It’s getting back to making your own thing.” Through visiting wineries in Oregon, Akin discovered the delicious smoothness of limoncello and decided to produce his own version. Wineries were asking for his homemade liqueur before he knew it. From there, Akin found his niche with organic spirits.

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The arancello (or orange ‘cello) has a creamy, fresh flavor smoothing out a strong Manhattan made at Double Taps. Their Gimlet uses the limecello, muddled lime, and gin, creating a wonderfully refreshing cocktail. The vanilla bean in the vodka hits the palette as the clear liquid washes over the back of the tongue.

Consistent with Akin’s organic commitment, Crescendo’s liqueurs contain no artificial ingredients or food dyes. Perhaps the only establishment or one of the few in Oregon, Double Taps is licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to sell bottles of Crescendo liqueur in its establishment. Curious buyers can also find Crescendo at liquor stores across Oregon and each bottle is around the same price as a mid-range wine.

His newest libation is a celebration of grapefruit called Pompelmocello (pronounced “poam-PEHL-moh-che-lo”), and the soon-to-be-announced release party at Double Taps will celebrate the new product. Akin believes it will be customers’ new favorite. With seemingly little effort, he has devised a sustainable, healthy way to distill a sweet, yet strong, addition to his growing line-up of craft spirits.

 See Double Taps: Tap Room and Craft Spirits for location, map and hours.

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