How to recommend a business

The Local Dish seeks to create a positive and supportive platform for users to discover and connect with authentic, eco-friendly businesses. With that in mind, The Local Dish has established a way for locals and travelers to support local food and beverage businesses in a way that encourages others to visit the places you like. 

Is a recommendation the same as a review?

On The Local Dish, we use the term “Recommendation” rather than “review”. While third parties like Google collect recommendations, reviews are made about the business by the person with a direct experience. In keeping with our goal to support small businesses as they serve customers, we have taken a unique approach by inviting “recommendations” from consumers who have encouraging experiences.

What is considered a “good recommendation”? 

A supportive review provides detail about your experience and the outcome of your experience. It can give other readers an inside look at what they are searching for before they decide to experience it themselves.

Should I review every time I experience a new place?

If you had a great experience, it is likely the business will want to hear your impressions and what specifically you enjoyed. If you recommend a business based on your actual experience, it may inspire others to visit.

Can I add a photo or video to my recommendation?

Simply upload a photo or video by clicking “Upload,” and press save. Note: there is a file size limit of 1mb. 

What is inappropriate language in a recommendation?

If any recommendation contains hate speech, lewd commentary, or threatening language, please report it to us immediately using our contact form. We will research the issue and take appropriate action consistent with our policies.

How can I report an inappropriate recommendation if I think I see one?

We appreciate your concern about inappropriate comments on The Local Dish and your help in keeping the website a positive space for everyone who uses it. If you have a concern, we invite you to share the matter with us using our contact form so we can review it and respond.

Typically how long should my recommendation be?

In order to describe what you liked about your experience and why you recommend a particular business, we suggest at least 2-4 sentences explaining your time at the establishment and why you’re writing about it.

Once I leave a recommendation, when will it appear on the website?

Our editorial team will review comments within 24 hours and post them to the business listing where you initially made your recommendation.