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No holiday meal is complete without pie. But making pie might mean more work and clean-up in a kitchen that’s already limited in counter and oven space. You could buy grocery store pies, but you’d end up with unfamiliar ingredients and unnecessary additives when you could have had a pie made from local ingredients you would have used yourself.

Blueberry Pie. Image: Willamette Valley Pie Company
Blueberry Pie. Image: Willamette Valley Pie Company

Willamette Valley Pie Company sets high standards, making it an easy choice to buy locally made pie. Not only are their pies visually appealing and delicious, you can feel good about serving a pie packed with locally grown berries from the Willamette Valley and cranberries from Southern Oregon farms. The pie crusts owe their flakiness to the baker’s light touch with the sustainably farmed flour and organic shortening.

“People don’t want trans fats or lard, corn starch or GMOs,” CEO Jeff Dunn told the Salem Statesman Journal earlier this year. “They want healthy, premium products that support our local and domestic economy, and that’s what we’ll always produce. Our goal has always been to support our local farm families, and that’s really where this all begins.”

willamette valley pie company farm store
Willamette Valley Pie Company Farm Store. Image: Willamette Valley Pie Co.

Willamette Valley Pie Company began in 2001, after the Roth family, who had been growing berries for three generations, bought a nearby pie company. Using the original family’s pie recipes and the Roth’s strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and marionberries, Willamette Valley Pie Company expanded into Washington and California with more territory in Oregon. They now have an eye on the Midwest.

To accommodate this expansion, Willamette Valley Pie Company recently moved their production to an industrial park in Silverton. The fruit company still offers U-pick opportunities during the summer and a retail store at the original location, where visitors can enjoy all of their products including freshly baked goods, jams and syrups, flash frozen fruits, shakes, smoothies and even lunch items. You’ll also find a few other locally produced items from the company’s farm friends.

In addition to the full line of products, including seasonal holiday pies, that can be found in the Salem retail store, Willamette Valley Pie Company also has a pie stand at the Woodburn outlet mall and has been increasing their presence in grocery stores around the state.  Because everyone wants pies just like Grandma makes, but with less work for Grandma.

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