That’s Not Pie in My Mailbox!


In the world of Amanda Frazier and Josh Bradley, Not Pie means cupcakes. Not your ordinary cupcake smothered in gooey sugary frosting, mind you. They have turned the cupcake world upside down (literally) with an innovative idea involving a french-style genoise cake covered in their handcrafted marshmallow and dipped in Dagoba chocolate. Match this with unique flavor combinations such as Root Beer Float and Chocolate Stout Cake, and you have a celebration in a box, ready for delivery!

These two long-time entrepreneurs, fresh off other tech ventures, decided to take the plunge (they’re also engaged to be married!) into cupcake e-commerce after unsuccessful attempts to locate an affordable delivery service in San Francisco to celebrate her father’s birthday.  Josh, it seems, is an “underground” chef, and stepped in as the creative genius behind the flavor combinations and recipe development. Now that really makes him marriage material! A guy who can work magic in any kitchen!

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Working side-by-side in a commercial kitchen in Ashland, Oregon, they’ve managed to leave hundreds of people smiling….and I’m one of them! After opening the amazingly intact quarter pound single chocolate cupcake, dubbed “The One”, I experienced the most delicious trip down memory lane from my childhood with thoughts of chocolate dipped ice cream cones and s’mores, but in this case there’s a rich, satisfying cake as supporting cast. You’ll just have to order some and find out for yourself!

Fair trade, organic and locally sourced are their keys to producing cakes that are not only good to taste, but are good for the earth. So they source ingredients with that in mind whenever possible. Singing Dog Organic Vanilla in Eugene, POEtential Farm free range eggs in Klamath Falls, and Dagoba organic chocolate in Ashland, in addition to regional-sourced flour, all play starring roles in these amazing gourmet treats.

Asked what is the most creatively satisfying part of Not Pie, Amanda replied, “The whole thing! This has been the most fun project we’ve worked on. Creating a brand from scratch, developing products that are delicious and intentional, crafting recipes unlike anything currently available”.

Want to gift someone special with a creative cupcake celebration or six of them?….go here to order, here to follow, then here to praise!


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