Sustainability Drives Euphoria Chocolate Success

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Untold numbers of followers of Euphoria Chocolate Company (6,298 on FaceBook alone) can thank the sweet tooth of the original owner, Robert Bury, for their regular chocolate fix. Bury started the business 30 years ago in a borrowed restaurant kitchen to support his chocolate habit. That “addiction”, a degree in economics, “the Golden Rule of Retail”, and a stern determination to use only the best ingredients were his recipe for success.

“My mom baked a lot, and my grandmother was in the confection business in San Francisco for 30 years,” he explains. When he finally decided to follow suit, he had to convince a chocolate supplier to sell him the initial 200 pounds of chocolate. “They usually didn’t sell anything less than 500 pounds, but we knew if it didn’t sell we’d have to eat it all.” Obviously, there was no need to worry.

In 2015, Bury sold the business to chocolate-loving locals Van and Bonnie Glass.  Last year, Euphoria used 200,000 pounds of chocolate to create everything from their classic truffles to seasonal novelties and recently added chocolate sauces. With a deep commitment to green practices, the business is able to reduce its carbon footprint by 36 tons of CO2  with a 7-panel solar system that generates over 52MWh of electricity.

Their products are made in the hand-dipped European-style, and Bury says their prices are very reasonable when compared to other high-end chocolate companies. In addition to acclaim by Chocolatier and Success, the chocolates were honored with inclusion in gourmet guides like “Food Finds” and “The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest”.

Their signature item, the classic truffle, is made fresh daily with local cream and a chocolate sourced from a Vermont company for years. The creamy ganache centers are the base for a variety of flavors that include Oregon-grown hazelnuts, local wines, berries, and mint. Bury referred to their newest editions as an “homage to the Spice Trades” – made with both traditional spices and exotic flavors like cardamom and chipotle chili.

The business now has three local stores in Eugene (Downtown at 946 Willamette St; 4090 Stewart Road, and Oakway Center), and their product line is available in upscale gourmet shops in both Oregon and Washington, such as Market of Choice, New Seasons in Portland, the Made in Oregon outlets, and online.

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