Oregon Artisans Reap Good Food Awards

At a January 15 awards ceremony in San Francisco, the Good Food Awards recognized the food producers that are leading the way in creating a “tasty, authentic and responsible food system.”

The 242 winners of the 2016 awards were selected from nearly 2,000 entries. They were chosen by blind tasting in 13 different categories. According to the Good Food Award website, “Our criteria for entry… acknowledges that each industry is at a different point in the journey towards “perfect” sustainability, both environmental and social. We believe that the Awards can help move the food system towards greater sustainability and craftsmanship by working with the Good Food Awards Committees to create criteria for each industry that takes into account where the leaders in that industry are at and pushes them one step further.”

Here are the winners from Northern Oregon. Remember to shop local and support local.

Olympic Provisions Rigani Loukaniko is a large format, Greek style salami that is made with oregano, garlic and orange zest. Salumist Elias Cairo and his team begin with hand-butchered fresh Northwest pork, and then add back hand-cut fatback. This Old World technique results in charcuterie that is smooth and creamy with pure pork flavor. The fresh ground spices help make the flavors even more vivid and pure.

Bee Local Honey is always raw to preserve the best flavor and health benefits. Never cooked, the honey is sourced from a single location and is never blended with honey from other locations. Since it is gently filtered, it retains its pollen and its extraordinary fresh taste.

Ancient Heritage Dairy makes craft award winning cheese using time-honored European methods. Cheese maker Paul Obringer, cheese-maker and affineur Hank Obringer, and investor Tony Arnerich have combined their expertise to create a modern sheep milk creamery, Portland’s first urban creamery in decades.

  • Art + Science, Wild Perry, Sheridan.

Art + Science is a wine label started by Dan Rinke & Kim Hamblin in 2011. Dan and Kim make wines and ciders that are Oregon by definition and singular by nature, using organic and biodynamic farming principles. The wines are not fined or filtered. Of the 132 allowable wine additives, only a small amount of sulfur is used in the Art + Science wine making process. Sulfur helps prevent oxidation once the wine is bottled, creating wine with a longer shelf life.

  • Abundancia Coffee, Kenya AA Blue Mt., Portland.

Abundancia Coffee is sourced from the eastern part of Kenya, where the volcanic soil and tropical weather distinguishes it from other Kenyan coffee. Additionally, it is grown at elevations of 1,000 to 5,000 feet for best quality and flavor.

  • Batch PDX, Batch Bar & Twicks Bar, Portland.

This Portland chocolatier handcrafts sinfully rich and delicious small batch confections. Flavors include Spicy Passion, made with a layer of passion fruit paired with a layer of chocolate ganache spiked with Oregon-grown chiles. Vietnamese Ice Coffee is a delicate chocolate cup filled with chocolate ganache flavored with Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

This Portland company hand makes candy in small batches featuring local honey, butter, cream, coffee, berries, mint, walnuts and filberts. Packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly.

  • NW Elixirs Hot Sauce Co., NW Elixirs #3 Hott Smoke & NW Elixirs #2 Verde Hott, Portland.)

Veteran chef Andrew Garrett has created a high quality hot sauce that can be used as an ingredient, a marinade and/or a hot sauce for just about everything.

Choi’s Kimchi uses fresh local produce and a small batch process to create kimchi, the traditional fermented Korean food. Composed of various vegetables and seasoning and considered one of healthiest foods, kimchi is rich in vitamins and packed with lactic acid.

The Republic of Jam’s Pickled Peaches are one of more than 350 seasonal flavors handcrafted by the company. All Republic of Jam products use about half of the sugar of traditional recipes. The company uses local farms, orchard and suppliers to source all of its fruit.

Congrats to all!

Image courtesy: NW Elixirs; Ancient Heritage Dairy; Bee Local (Nolan Calisch); Bees and Beans; Choi’s Kimchi (SeokHoon Lee)

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