Big Tony Brown's Sauce: Not Just for BBQ

Tony Brown. Photo by: Andrea Vorvick

For those of you who love condiments, you’ll be delighted to learn about a new line of sauces and dry marinades from a local Portlander. The product line is Big Tony Brown BBQ and it’ll WOW your taste buds with its big and bold flavors!

Tony Brown (aka Big Tony), was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and learned the art of backyard barbecue from his family—namely his mother, father, brother, uncles and grandfather. Growing up with the fragrance of smoke from an open grill, many family gatherings and an abundance of great food led to Big Tony’s passion for flame, mesquite and charred meats. While experimenting in his own kitchen, all the ingredients came together and became what is now his own brand of unique sauces and dry marinades: The Mild Sauce, The Spicy Sauce, The Mild Dry Marinade, and The Spicy Dry—all under the Big Tony Brown BBQ label.

The Sauce is a delicious blend of warm spices with a hit of tangy, sweet and heat. Even those who don’t normally like spicy foods tell Big Tony that they like the spicy version because of the balance in flavors, and because it’s not too spicy. The sauces and dry marinades are made with natural ingredients — no added coloring, smoke flavoring, or gum added. Because Big Tony’s sauces don’t have the typical “smoky” BBQ sauce flavor, they lend themselves to year-round cooking use and should not be limited to the summer grilling season.

For a fabulous comfort meal, Big Tony suggests using your favorite meatloaf recipe and substituting a blend of tomato sauce and his Mild or Spicy Sauce for the typical ketchup or tomato sauce meatloaf topping (a ratio of 2/3 Big Tony Brown BBQ Sauce and 1/3 tomato sauce) — then proceed with the recipe directions. Try this modified recipe for Saucy Meat Loaves on TLD. Or use the Big Tony Brown BBQ Sauce in place of enchilada sauce to make shredded pork or chicken BBQ enchiladas. The sauce compliments beef, pork, chicken, roasted potatoes, and a potpourri of vegetables.

Need a caterer for your next event? Big Tony will bring his large Weber grills, big personality, and mesquite charcoal and grill everything on site for you. You can also visit his website to purchase products and to find out more about the man behind the sauce. He’s also a frequent vendor at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market (visit the Big Tony Brown BBQ facebook page for updates on his schedule and what he’ll be cookin’).

When asked what his hopes for the future are, Big Tony replied that he’d love for his sauce to be as common as ketchup and mustard in everyone’s kitchen. Once you taste it, you’ll be hooked. As Big Tony says, “Heavy on The Spicy Sauce!”

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