Rogue Valley’s Best Breakfast Spots

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Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich
Green Eggs and Ham on Buttermilk Biscuit. Photo by: Buttercloud Bakery & Cafe

When traveling through bucolic Southern Oregon, there are two cities that definitely stand out as having the best-of-the-best spots for breakfast or brunch. Here’s a shoutout to the newest darling for their focus on farm-to-restaurant collaboration, and their reliably creative, seasonal mouthfuls.

Co-owner and chef, Ellen

Buttercloud Bakery & Cafe 

Sourcing from Fry Family Farms, Whistling Duck Farm veggies; Willow Witt picks up veggie scraps for Willow Witt pigs and gets sustainably-raised pork in return. 

Morning Glory


Browse our handy guide and grab a seat at one of the top restaurants for a traditional eggs, sausage, and toast, or fruit-topped waffles, and biscuits dripping with thick, creamy gravy.

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