7 Best Food Gifts to Bring Home from Oregon

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Are you traveling home from Oregon for the holidays and needing to satisfy the creative hunger pangs of your foodie friends and family? Consider grabbing these obsession-worthy staples from the Pacific Northwest. Here are food gifts to bring home from Oregon, 4 if by car and 3 if by plane.

Blue Heaven. Image credit: Rogue Creamery
Blue Heaven. Image credit: Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery Blue Heaven

Bringing back cheese is no easy feat, but with Rogue Creamery’s Blue Heaven, you can share the joy of blue cheese in a shaker, no refrigeration required. Rated as a must-have pantry item by Better Homes and Gardens, the true flavor shines through. Use it for blue cheese dressing or sprinkle it over popcorn and steak for a flavor of the Pacific Northwest. (6 oz, $17)

food gifts to bring home from oregon noahs-bees-honey
Image credit: Noah’s Bees

Noah’s Bees Infused Vanilla Honey

Gifting honey can be a sticky business, but Noah’s Bees Infused Vanilla Honey can be driven home as a holiday present or shipped across the country for a sweet taste of Oregon. Available in specialty food shops around Southern Oregon.

Lillie Belle
Lillie Belle Red Velvet Almonds. Image: Lillie Belle Chocolate.

Lillie Belle Farms Brown Velvet and Red Velvet Almonds

Nothing says holiday hospitality like a bowl full of nuts. Lillie Belle Farms Brown Velvet and Red Velvet Almonds create a spicy sweet mix that can even make the plane with you. Watch that package so it doesn’t fall into the wrong (TSA) hands! Find these addictive gems at their Artisan Corridor shop in Central Point, located at 211 N. Front St. We promise you won’t just leave with these! ($11)

gifts to bring home from Oregon
Lola’s Fruit Shrubs. Image credit: Barb Magee

Lola’s Fruit Shrubs

Oregon’s craft cocktail scene is thriving and Lola’s Fruit Shrubs craft cocktail mixers mean that you can enjoy the experience of organic fruit in a bottle beyond Oregon. Made by hand in Eugene, Oregon, these mixers, also known as drinking vinegars, can be mixed with spirits, added to vinaigrettes, or for deglazing that chicken sauté. Pick them up at Eugene Farmer’s Market, Provisions Market Hall or Capella’s Market and then ship or drive them to your holiday destination.

Image credit: Vincent Family Cranberries

Vincent Family Cranberries

Cranberries are a holiday staple and the Vincent Family dries them so you can enjoy them at any time of year. Grown sustainably on the Oregon coast, they are sweetened with fresh apple juice instead of sugar in small batches that ensures the freshest dried cranberries on the market. We’ve tested, and tasted again, many a variety and found these plump fruits to rival all others. Best of all, you can easily pack them on a plane with your carry-on. Find a location near you.

Image credit: Freddy Guys
Image credit: Freddy Guys

Freddy Guy Hazelnuts

There’s no better example of Oregon’s bounty than hazelnuts. Freddy Guys Hazelnuts are available raw, smoked, or coated with candy or chocolate. Perfect to add a crunch to a salad or side dish or just to snack on. They are easy to pack or send, whether you’re flying, driving, or just sharing.

bee local honey

Bee Local Smoked Honey Sauce

Bee Local Smoked Honey Sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce that is sure to become a pantry staple as a topping for both savory and sweet dishes. It’s sold out for the holidays, so keep an eye out for a new batch and be prepared to have it shipped if you’re not driving your presents this year. Look for it at Market of Choice and specialty food shops. Smoked Honey Sauce. Image credit: Bee Local

The holidays are all about sharing and these locally-produced food gifts make it possible to share a taste of the Pacific Northwest with anyone, wherever they are.

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