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As social media and search algorithms undergo change, new online placements will increase the visibility of your products and services.

  • Attract self-identified target audience to your website and business
  • Lower your advertising expense
  • Boost search results for your business
  • Increase your search ranking
  • Overview business description (up to 300 words)
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The Local Dish consumer search directory was created to provide consumers with an easy way to search for and find products and services from businesses that are sustainably and locally minded, and will provide them with authentic lifestyle experiences. Today’s eco-conscious customer prefers authentic, transparent brands and business practices that value the environment, sustainability, and social responsibility. 

Niche business directories have high relevancy signals for Google Search.  The traffic from niche directories are more relevant to your business. Their visitors are more likely to be your potential customers because they have landed there using search terms highly relevant to your business. All of these relevancy signals on niche directories offer a benefit for companies listed there. The traffic is focused and attentive to what you can provide and what problem you can solve for them.

Search engines respect business directories with high standards, well organized categories, and detailed business listings. Businesses that appear in these directories are trusted by search engines, which leads to higher rankings and attracts more local customers and travelers to your business.

By adding your business to The Local Dish niche website, search engines learn more about the business and increases the odds your business will appear in search results. Our niche directory focus helps your business get found by the right audience for your product, services, or location.

  • Increased visibility in search results (which leads to improved traffic quality and quantity)
  • Creates credibility for the business (among search engines and consumers)

By presenting search related blog content, The Local Dish engages our site visitors longer, attracts repeat visitors and appeals to search engines. High quality images, your key business information and events, and comment sections increase your chances of appearing in search results.

We understand you work hard to differentiate yourself in the marketplace so we believe your business page should be free of ads as well. You won’t need to pay us to remove competing ads, because, quite simply, we don’t accept them.

Your business will be discovered by people seeking food and lifestyle experiences that reduce impacts on the  environment and help them know where their food (and drink) come from.

We’re excited to introduce your business to our site users. Start by clicking the button below to register, add your business details, and pay the annual fee. (Just $97 during our short promotion). 

Be sure to gather your photos before starting. Each photo should be less than 1mb and in landscape format.

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