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As social media and search algorithms undergo change, new online placements will increase the visibility of your products and services.

  • Attract self-identified traffic to your website and business
  • Lower your advertising expense
  • Boost search results for your business
  • Increase your search ranking
  • Overview business description (up to 300 words)
  • Contact information
  • Hours and location
  • Up to 10 images
  • Special offerings, services, tags, SEO descriptions and keywords
  • Sustainability practices
  • Social media links
  • Video link (YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Events and promotions
  • Feature story linked to your listing (ask about our special rate)

The Local Dish Craft Food and Drink Guide was created to provide consumers with an easy way to search for and find products and services from businesses that are sustainably and locally minded, and will provide them with authentic lifestyle experiences. Today’s eco-conscious customer values authentic, transparent, brands with programs that business practices that value the environment, sustainability, processing claims (e.g, organic, natural) and ingredients. 

When people think of online local directories, they often think of several typed lines of text indicating the business’ name, address, phone number, region serviced, and types of products or services sold. This is largely true, so how is a bunch of typed text going to help you develop your business’s brand image?

Easily. When you create a listing on an online local directory, you do more than just input your business’ contact information. Typically these sites always ask for a profile picture, which can be your business’ logo, which will help develop your brand image. Several sites also have separate sections for things such as photos and videos where you can upload commercials, YouTube videos about your products and services, and even just pictures from company events.

All of this will show your business through images that users will remember more easily, and they help develop your brand image.

Niche business directories have high relevancy signals. Their contents are more relevant to yours. The traffic is more relevant to your business. Their visitors are more likely to be your potential customers because they have landed there when looking for some highly relevant phrases to your business. All of these relevancy signals on niche directories offer a huge benefit for companies listed there. The traffic is focused and attentive to what you can provide and what problem you can solve for them.

Search engines respect business directories with high standards, well organized categories, and detailed business listings. Businesses that appear in these directories are trusted by search engines, which leads to higher rankings and attracts more local customers to your website.

Getting listed on relevant local or niche directories also allows search engines to learn more about the business and increases the odds of your business appearing in search results. The more specific the directory’s focus, the more it helps your business target the right audience for your product, services, or location.

  • Increased visibility in search results (which leads to improved traffic quality and quantity)
  • Creates credibility for the business (among search engines and consumers)

By presenting search related content, The Local Dish engages our site visitors longer, attracts repeat visitors and appeals to search engines. High quality images, your key business information and events, and comment sections increase your chances of appearing in search results. is an ad-free space. You’ve work hard to differentiate yourself in the marketplace so we believe your listing page should be free of ads as well. You won’t need to pay us to remove competing ads, because, quite simply, we don’t accept them.

In fact, you won’t find paid banner advertising on The Local Dish either. Your business will be discovered by people seeking lifestyle experiences that reflect your mutual values of transparency, authenticity or sustainability.

We would be happy to assist you with adding your business details to the directory. Simply send us your contact information using our inquiry form and we will reach out to you to begin the process.