The Local Dish Craft Food and Drink Guide is the right place if you’re curious about the benefits to your business of being found by the just-right target audience. The Local Dish is a search-and-discover tool for people who prefer to visit and buy from businesses with authentic production and sustainability practices, local sourcing and earth-friendly or artisanal ways.

The Local Dish is the place for your business to be found by your self-identified new regulars.

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  • 84% of consumers now say that authenticity, sustainability and social responsibility are key elements in their lifestyle and shopping choices. Current online search options make finding businesses that match these consumer values very difficult. The Local Dish is THE resource that directly addresses this growing need for local customers that could make your business their new favorite.

The Local Dish is making their search easier with eco-conscious craft food and drink producers together in one easy resource they can turn to again and again.

  • Attract self-identified traffic to your website and business, matching what you do directly to the local and travel audience searching for you
  • Lower your advertising expense and stop wasting money on broad-reach ads that don’t target your niche customers
  • Boost search results for your business by increasing relevance – putting your business in front of the just-right audience makes a big difference
  • Increase your search ranking and get more clicks and traffic on your website, which increases sales

Join the community of conscious businesses….and grow together!

Whether you have a long list of environmental, social or sustainability practices baked-in to your business, or you have just one or two sustainable aspects going on, you’ll fit right in on The Local Dish! Unlike other online directories, your listing will prominently display any eco-practices you’re using, allowing consumers to feel good about choosing your business.

Here’s the list of business categories:

Bakeries • Beer, Wine and Cocktail Bars • Breweries • Cheesemakers • Chocolatiers • Cideries • Coffee Roasters • Distilleries • Farms + Ranches • Grocery Stores • Restaurants + Cafes • Food Trucks • Specialty Products + Retail Shops • Wineries

Overview business description

Contact information

Hours and location

Up to 20 images (depending on membership level)

Special offerings, services, tags, SEO descriptions and keywords

Sourcing and sustainability practices

Social media links

Events and promotions on your listing page

Feature story linked to your listing (ask about our special rate)

Niche business directories have high relevancy signals. Their contents are directly relevant to yours. This means the traffic from niche business directories is more relevant to your business than generic web-wide listings. Our site visitors are more likely to be your potential customers because they have landed here while looking for highly relevant phrases associated with your unique business.

All of these relevancy signals on The Local Dish consumer directory offer you self-identified visitors who prefer authenticity, sustainability and social responsibility. Traffic to your website is focused and attentive to what you can provide and how it matches their values.

  • Search engines respect business directories like The Local Dish with high standards, well organized categories, and detailed business listings. Businesses that appear in these directories are trusted by search engines, which leads to higher rankings and attracts more local customers to your website.
  • Getting listed on relevant local or niche directories also allows search engines to learn more about your business and increases the odds of your business appearing in local search results. The more specific our directory’s focus, the more it helps your business target the right audience for your product, service, or location.
  • Increased visibility in search results (which leads to improved traffic quality and quantity)
  • Greater credibility for the business (among search engines and consumers)

By presenting search related content, The Local Dish engages site users longer, attracts repeat visitors and appeals to search engines. High quality images, your key business information and events, and comment sections increase your chances of appearing in search results. is an ad-free space that provides connections between local consumers and your business without the requirement of paid ads. You’ve work hard to differentiate yourself in the marketplace so we believe your listing page should be free of ads as well. You won’t need to pay us to remove competing ads, because, quite simply, we don’t accept them.

In fact, you won’t find paid banner advertising on The Local Dish either. Your business will be discovered by people seeking lifestyle experiences that reflect your mutual values of transparency, authenticity, local sourcing or sustainability.

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