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Eugene’s Best Loved Bakery Temptations

If Eugene’s best bakeries have one thing in common, it is the french inspiration their respective owners drew from not only in naming their cafes, but in the skillful application… See More

Southern Oregon Chefs Hit Pop-up Success

Southern Oregon chefs are opening pop-ups across the Rogue Valley with menus that display their creative genius. MÄS, The Farm Kitchen and Over Easy are giving diners an intimate view of what it means when chefs ask for more from themselves and their guests.

Touring Farmhouse Breweries in Willamette Valley

Meet three of the best brewers in Yamhill County who are using local hops, yeast, fruit and water to produce craft farmhouse beers.

Crescendo Organic Spirits are Sunshine in a Bottle

Crescendo Organic Spirits citrus liqueurs are Made in Oregon, GMO-free organic lemon, lime and orange liqueurs that rival any found in Italy.

Fermented Foods on Menu at Yachats Brewing & Farm Store

Every dish on the menu arrives with a topping or side of house-made fermented food…for good health.

Portland Food Shops For Santa’s Last-Minute Helpers

The Local Dish team picks the best Portland food shops to please the “local food” lovers in your tribe.

Refresh Your Holiday Bar with Wild Roots Spirits

With just 4 years under their belt crafting intense, and award winning, fruit-infused vodka, Portland-based Wild Roots Spirits is revving up the holidays with their new Cranberry-infused Vodka. Through a sourcing partnership with… See More

Oregon Coast Distilleries Still Blazing A Trail

Outstanding microdistilleries are a dime a dozen in Portland, but Oregon Coast distilleries are still as rare as a whole sand dollar.

The Local Dish Pumpkin Recipes Roundup

Have you been waiting in the pumpkin patch all night for some great recipe inspiration? The Local Dish team has been a fan of this bright orange squash for some time, so… See More

Cook These Six Recipes With Fresh Pumpkin

Most of us consider the humble pumpkin a fruit of limited use. It serves to let us know fall has arrived, piling up in mounds near the doors of the… See More