Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon Chefs Hit Pop-up Success

Southern Oregon chefs are opening pop-ups across the Rogue Valley with menus that display their creative genius. MÄS, The Farm Kitchen and Over Easy are giving diners an intimate view of what it means when chefs ask for more from themselves and their guests.

Sustainable Sourcing at Buttercloud Bakery

Eating in the clouds is one of those life experiences you just shouldn’t miss, and at Buttercloud Bakery and Cafe in Medford, Oregon it’s a fine art. Co-owner and Southern Oregon transplant… See More

Top Coffee Roasters in Southern Oregon

Food trends come and go and it is no less true of coffee. From the 19th century “Folger’s coffee on every table” to the Starbuck’s cup-to-go, the long tail of coffee bean evolution looks like… See More

Belle Fiore Winery Soars With Wine, Food and Art

Belle Fiore Winery and Estate presents visitors with a holy trinity of French and Italian inspired wines, iconic architecture, and food pairings. Spectacular views all around.

Rogue Valley Reigns With Weekend Brunch

Organic farms and artisan cheesemakers team up with Rogue Valley chefs to deliver peak flavor brunch.

Dunbar Farms Recipe for Winter Squash Stir Fry

Resident-chef Kristopher Thornhill created this unusual stir-fry recipe using winter hardy butternut squash and leeks.

Top Chefs of Ashland, Where Are They Now?

Ashland, Oregon is known as a small city with a “great food” reputation. Here’s an update on the unsung heroes producing stellar plates at the back of the house: The Chefs.

Shop Local, Cook Global at The Culinarium

Combine one part chef with one part foodie-husband and you cook up a shop filled with local and global artisanal food gems.

Fry Family Opens Organic Food Store and Farm Hub

Fry Family Farm launched its food store and farmer hub in Medford Oregon in August 2016. Shoppers will find locally grown organic produce and artisanal products, some made in-house by their kitchen team.

Scarpetta Chefs Raise the Bar on Farm-to-Table

Authentic farm-to-table dining arrives at Scarpetta Restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. Chefs Petra Jung, Tony Travanty and Josh Dorcak source fresh and local.