Food Artisans

Oregon Shrubs Are Remaking Holiday Cocktails and More

With a nod to culinary history, these food artisans are redefining the cocktail with their Oregon shrubs, a modern take on “drinking vinegars”.

4 Best Local Markets in Eugene

Three year round retail markets and one holiday market are easy and convenient places to shop for local food. Here are 4 favorite locals in Eugene.

Bare Bones Takes Kettle Success to Midwest

The trend is broth-drinking is on the rise and companies are jumping in to meet the consumer demand. Known as a healing ingredient in the daily diet, strong bones are sure to follow.

Pasta Gardner Teams Up With Local Farmers

He didn’t have a nonna, but a cooking stint in Italy gave Chef Jeff Gardner the credentials to launch his pasta company.

Dreaming Uber Herbal into Reality

Liz Bretko leads a busy life of grinding her spices by bike and tending her organic farm-centric cafe in Grants Pass, Oregon. You just might catch her daughter, Be, creating in the kitchen.

Southern Oregon Bakers Showcase Edible Art

Three home bakers from Southern Oregon have taken custom cakes to a new edible level. Their exquisite designs are prized year-round at weddings, special events and many a child’s birthday party around the region.

The Inside Story On Ducks and Tarts At Greyback Farm

Artist and designista, Wendy Testu, heads from San Francisco to the family farm in Southern Oregon to deepen her connection to food and farming.

Nectar Creek Waggles its Way to Mead Awards

A passion for bees and single source honey nets the company new distinction in the mead world.

Moms Love Ambrosia Natural Bakery

For Sabrina Kate, ambrosia means organic, gluten-free, and vegan…a passion that came alive when she and her daughter experienced serious health issues from food allergies. As the owner of Ambrosia Natural Bakery, located… See More

Oregon Artisans Reap Good Food Awards

At a January 15 awards ceremony in San Francisco, the Good Food Awards recognized the food producers that are leading the way in creating a “tasty, authentic and responsible food… See More