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On The Local Dish, your story is the inspiration that adventurous and eco-conscious consumers are looking for. They want to support businesses and attend events that fit their interests and lifestyles. Businesses like yours that care about their local community and the health of our environment.

  • Are you a winery looking to promote your winemaking practices? A brewery proud of its local harvest sourcing? Your business page on The Local Dish will tell the story.
  • Perhaps you’re a small batch artisan chocolatier. Our users are searching for a business like yours.
  • Do you own a restaurant that uses ingredients from local farms and you are hosting a special dinner? Our events section is the place to be.

The Local Dish helps people connect with businesses, plain and simple. We inspire your target audience, provide a place to tell your story and send eager customers to your business.


40% of Americans treat restaurants as part of their lifestyle.

Dining out is about more than just food and beverages; it’s a shared experience, a reason to gather, a lifestyle.


68% of millennials prefer specialty food and beverages.

Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z make up 61% of America’s population. Reaching them is now the most important focus of businesses.


72% of diners ranked higher quality food as the top factor in choosing a business.

Consumers support abandoning artificial products for quality crafted options.

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