What Do Your Cookbooks Say About You?

Photo: Barb Magee

If you’re a fellow cookbook lover who also happens to read them like novels, you may have noticed you’re having some physical feelings of withdrawal and longing, right? Gone is the constant pre-holiday parade of newly published cookbooks found on the shelves of local bookstores. Until the spring book launch begins, consider the example set by blogger Anthony St. Clair, author of the popular Eugene-based blog AntSaint.com

Recalling one of his posts, in which he wrote about his favorite back-up cookbooks, got me thinking about how much we can learn about someone by the company (er, cookbooks) they keep. I love his budget-friendly approach to infusing his cooking with some old standbys. Remember to check out independent used bookstores and local libraries where you live and travel…they’re sure to be ripe with flavors from kitchens past.

What are your go-to cooking books? Sign in below and share your favorites.

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