Virginia is for Chocolate Lovers

The DC market has an endless competition for homemade cupcakes and baked goods, but when it comes to chocolates, they are nowhere to be found as if you were looking for water in a desert. However, I finally discovered a locally, handcrafted chocolate company here in the heart of the Mid Atlantic as I toured a local holiday market last year. The Virginia Chocolate Company, founded by Tim Douglas in Stafford, Virginia offered samples of their chocolate bars, and after tasting a piece, I was curious to try more.

Inside their glass counter tops were colorful jewels that harvested original flavors of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Champagne, and Caramel, but what really caught my attention were their more adventurous flavors of Merlot, Bacon, Egg Nog, Mint, and Stout. Additional blends such as Nutella, Salted Caramel, and Peanut Butter tasted so genuinely rich that I thought I was eating them from the jars themselves. Just thinking about them again makes my mouth water.

2013-10-11 10.08.16 HDR

The combination of all the elements above plus their use of wireless transaction equipment left me impressed and determined to do business again in the future. I did some further research onto their website and surprisingly noticed that they only have one location at DCA Airport’s Terminal B even though they do sell wholesale products to various locations in the metro DC area. I decided to use them later as a bridal shower favor and they were huge hits. The company even sampled me colors of their wrapping just to make sure the colors were in line with other decorations I planned for the shower. I even purchased additional chocolates afterwards which were sadly damaged in transit but tasted just as delicious as the first time I tried them.

2013-08-18 10.31.35

This diamond of a chocolate producer is definitely in the rough, finally pioneering back to local production of sweets other than cupcakes in the DC area. Yes, the metro area has other local chocolate producers, but the Virginia Chocolate Company stands out in a way where they innovate their products differently than other chocolate manufacturers. Yes, they have classic chocolate bars, fudge, and bark, but they create their own version of truffles that have their own distinctive flavors and colorful packaging, all of which gives me the belief that these products come straight from the source. Despite they have online ordering and a small store, I cannot wait until the next holiday market just so I can send little pieces of my home to my friends and family.

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