Seattle Locals Love: George’s Sausage and Delicatessen


Let’s say you find yourself in downtown Seattle and you want a deli sandwich. Not just any sandwich but a real sandwich, one made of foods that seemed destined to be stacked together for the sake of your hunger and enjoyment. Sure, you could stop into a franchise shop to eat a thoroughly corporate sandwich, but you know better. You’ve asked around, you’ve kibitzed with Seattle’s most discerning palates and you’ve discovered that the locals love George’s Sausage and Delicatessen on Madison Avenue.

And what’s not to love? Located at the corner of 9th and Madison in the First Hill neighborhood, George’s is regarded as one of Seattle’s finest sausage delis. Just like the Batali family’s famous smoked meats shop Salumi is the Emerald City’s favorite place to get cured, Italian-style meats, George’s is the go-to spot for mitteleuropean delights. The tiny deli has a wide assortment of Polish smoked meats, like their popular kielbasa, as well as homemade soups and fresh bread. All the meats are smoked in-house and their potato salad is legendary among the lunchtime crowd.

But back to that sandwich. With a few notable exceptions, deli just isn’t Seattle’s thing. It’s not a town where you can find a nice, thick sandwich on every corner. That’s what makes George’s Sausage and Deli so special. They make lunch meat sandwiches that are truly unlike anything else in Seattle. They’re piled high with meat, vegetables, strong mustard and mild rye bread. George’s corned beef will bring a tear to your eye, especially since it’s still so hard to find proper corned beef west of Chicago. At $5 a sandwich, this may just be the best lunch deal in Seattle.

Even if meat’s not your thing, George’s has a nice selection of Central and Eastern European treats on the shelves. They have German chocolate, Ukrainian cookies and Polish beer for sale year-round. George’s is small enough that it doesn’t have any seating inside, but frequent patrons have a habit of taking their lunch on the steps of the nearby St. James Cathedral. It’s a fittingly humble way to enjoy one of Seattle’s most homey gastronomic delights.

907 Madison St
(between 9th Ave & Terry Ave)
Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: First Hill

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