Simple and Crisp

Walking through the doors of one of my favorite local shops, Downtown Market, in Medford, Oregon, I came across this little package of fruity, healthy, gluten-free Simple and Crisp. My mouthwatering mental activity kicked into gear. The story is as much about the maker, Jane Yuan of Seattle, as it is the growers, package designers, and fruit-as-canvas. Jane, the farmers where she sources the fruit, and her branding team have together brought one sexy sustainable delectable to the market for us to indulge our creative juice.

Simple and Crisp Dried Fruit

So I invited my photo-shooting friend, Martha Lee Jones, to a tasting. What is extraordinary about Simple and Crisp is, well, how simple it all is! Jane’s thin delicate dried fruit, sustainably grown and packaged is unlike other dried fruit. These melt-in-your mouth with a slight crunchy texture and burst with the true flavor of each fruit. Nothing added. Recalling my recipe for Roasted Summer Fruit with Ricotta (and sustainably DIY!), I whipped up, literally in minutes, a no-cook one-off…Simple and Crisp with Honey Ricotta and Chopped Chocolate.

But wait! There is something else “organic” about Simple and Crisp. I’m pretty geeky and curious about how things are put together and this little palm-sized package really had me wondering. Turns out it’s all one folded piece, much like origami, that encloses the fruit tucked safely inside. Genius!

Don’t miss her library of pairings. You’ll be feeling eating better than a kid in a candy store!

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