Small Garden Reaps Big Harvest

Photo credit: Barb Magee

Now, regarding this photo. You might think we were just puttin’ on the tease with this organismic shot of summer deliciousness, and you’d be right! The depth of winter is the perfect time to put some thought into what you want on your plate come summer. Be it backyard, or backporch, here are a few of my favorites to cultivate a few ideas to get a big harvest from your small garden space.

Territorial Seed Company: If variety is the name of your game, you can’t miss with this family-owned organic seed producer. It’s been my trusted source for research-tested heirloom seeds and vegetable starts. My veggie garden production was greatly expanded with amazing, colorful cultivars from around the world. You can order their catalog or view it online here.

Hydrofoam Germination Station: For solo gardeners planting a small garden, be sure those few precious seeds sprout by using this warming tray.

Earthway 3000 3-Tier Pyramid Garden: If you’re an urban renter or suburbanite who wants to avoid the expense and labor of raised garden beds that can’t be moved when you do, check out this sturdy, portable small space DIY garden idea that will keep you harvesting across the seasons.

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