Seed Oil Company Is A Family Affair

If you find yourself so busy this holiday season that you barely have time some days to eat properly, we’re introducing you to a Pacific Northwest farming family that will keep you energized and full of healthy nutrition all the way into 2014. Meet Kit and Lisa Doyle, their five children and two son-in-laws, the three-generation force behind  the Seed Oil Company, nestled in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. Together they’re growing and crafting organic, vegan seed oil products, and best of all they’re 100% non-GMO.

I’ve been chatting with them for many months at their farmer’s market booth, sharing recipes that I and our writers were creating in our own kitchens using their flours, powders and pestos. Their enthusiasm and quality artisanal products have inspired me to share a little bit of their story with our readers.

With the Great Recession peaking, a construction business shattered, and a family to support, Kit decided to go back to the land, looking to change the farming paradigm and create a legacy for generations to come. Over the four short years since their first planting in 2009, he discovered that pumpkin, grape and camellina seeds are a perfect match for the temperate climate of the region. In keeping with their commitment to being good stewards of the land, their products get the same respect and ethical treatment…no preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals….from planting to package.

The Pumpkin Seed Pesto is the new artisanal appetizer spread, with its deep green, nutty rich flavor a perfect complement to the holiday or any day charcuterie plate. Our favorite, though, is their Pumpkin Seed Powder, always on hand to fortify the dash-out-the-door morning smoothie, loaded up with heart healthy antioxidants.

Theirs is the story of a 21st century, sustainable, family farm, with kindness for the land from every seed.

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