Seattle Sausage: A Feast of Flavors

Photo: Andrei Rybachuk

Sausage is incredibly versatile, which is one the reasons we love it. Grill it up on its own and toss it on a toasted bun, crumble and layer it on pizza, bake it into a lasagna, serve it with eggs, add it to meatloaf or burgers…the possibilities are endlessly tasty. And with these three Seattle sausage companies, everyone can savor the flavor of sausage while eating local.

Uli’s Famous Sausage
Pike Place Market, Main Entrance: 1st & Pike, Downtown

Located at Pike Place Market in the heart of the Seattle’s foodie paradise, Uli’s Famous Sausage is known for making sausage in the German tradition. Owner and master butcher Uli Lengenberg grew up in “sausage country” in Germany and masterfully crafts all-natural cuts of pork, lamb, and chicken into a variety of specialty sausages. Flavors range from South African Boerewors and French Style Bratwurst to Polish Kielbassa and Spanish Chorizo, including, of course, German Bratwurst. So the next time you’re in the market, pop into Uli’s and pick up some sausage for a hearty dinner. You can also find Uli’s at local retailers and restaurants.

Isernio’s Sausage
Available at local Seattle and other National retailers

Using only whole-muscle, 95% lean skinless chicken thigh and 80% lean whole-muscle pork shoulder, Isernio’s Sausage offers an incredibly delicious alternative to higher-fat sausages. Less fat and calories but tons of flavor?  Yes, please.  Company owner Frank Isernio, whose Italian family immigrated to Seattle, learned the sausage making-craft as a child. The all-natural Italian sausage, which contains no fillers, preservatives, nitrates or MSG, was once reserved only for family-gatherings, but can now be enjoyed by the rest of us.  Most Seattle groceries carry a variety of Isernio’s sausage, including plain and maple breakfast links, sausage rolls and a host of savory and spicy Italian-inspired flavors.

Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co.
Available at local Seattle and other National retailers

For those who enjoy the spicy, sweet, aromatic flavor of sausage, but opt to enjoy a meat-free lifestyle, check out Field Roast. Produced in the Central District, they create grain-based sausages inspired by Asian-tradition and infused with European flavors, so even those who forgo animal products can enjoy Italian, Mexican Chipotle, and Smoked Apple Sage Sausage that’s made right here in the Northwest. Many of their products are also available at health food stories throughout the Seattle area.

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