Sampling Southern Biscuits

The biscuit is a food that people frequently identify with the South, and it seems to me that the biscuit competition has stiffened in the area recently. The biscuit is not just a side item anymore; it is the star performer. Though fast-food restaurants persist in serving their generic interpretations as sandwiches and side items, the local eateries outshine the chains in the delivery of this Southern staple.

biscuitHere are a few notables as you search for that perfect, golden biscuit.

Louise’s Restaurant

Louise’s is considered a historical Southern restaurant right next to Kennesaw Mountain in Marietta, Georgia. Formerly Bill and Louise’s, this restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is considered one of the oldest breakfast restaurants in the area. Their Cat Head Biscuits are no larger than your own fist, light and generously buttery.

Mountain Biscuit

Once a run-down church, home and gas station, Mountain Biscuits is a new biscuit eatery that opened its doors late last year next door to Louise’s. They serve various build-your-own biscuit sandwiches, and if you’re a little daring, try their deep fried biscuit. This biscuit-eater’s verdict is that they have a little work to do on biscuit quality; they were a bit on the dry side. On the up side, the newly furnished establishment may spark competition in the area, leading to more food.

Stilesboro Biscuits

This former 76 gas station in Kennesaw, Georgia became a busy biscuit hub 16 years ago. The location alone is no larger than a one-bedroom apartment, so the line is often out the door. Their biscuits are large but light, toasty on the outside, and soft on the inside. By far the most satisfying biscuit I tried.

Flying Biscuit Café

This Southern franchise has several locations primarily in Atlanta, but they’re worth testing if you’re a visitor. They’re known for their biscuits with apple butter. The biscuits alone lean on the sweeter side and earn extra credit for the apple butter on the side.

What’s your favorite place to get a biscuit, in the South or elsewhere?


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