Rogue Creamery’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

photo of sandwich in paper wrapper


Rogue Creamery, you have now outdone yourself. Your recent designation as a B corporation (for our social eating benefit) is manifest in this one little “hot-off-the-panini-machine” Grilled Cheese Sandwich, served up by your cheerful cheesemonger, Rebecca Woody. Yes, cows meander on green-pastured land in Southern Oregon, producing THE cleanest (GMO-, antibiotic-, and hormone-free) milk. Yes, the Creamery is sustainable top to bottom. Your thoughtful use of every resource, right down to that paper wrapping thanks to your no-plastic policy and your Nellie Green Pedal Power Program that incentives the team to reduce their commuting carbon footprint, makes this meal all the more satisfying!

photo of grilled cheese sandwich

This Grilled Cheese Sandwich is truly a “local dish”, starting with the Creamery’s dairy-fresh mild cheddar and Rogue Blue, drizzled with Flying B Farm Honey (can you imagine that!), and encased between slices of Coquette Bakery’s bread.

Whether you’re a local resident or one of the many travelers to this beautiful art/wine/outdoor adventure paradise, put this on your “local food’ bucket list for a true “taste of place”! You’ll be treated to this and more in their cool shop full of artisan products, also just a short walk to Lillie Belle Chocolate Shop and Ledger David Tasting Room.


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