Washington Apples Are A Stone’s Throw From Seattle

It’s that time of year when the brisk fall air reminds us of the sweet crunch of a perfect Honeycrisp apple. Yes, it’s apple season and here in Washington, we take our apples very seriously. How could we not? We’re known worldwide for our delicious fruits.

So what makes Washington apples so special? The right climate, perfect soil and close attention.

Jones Creek Farm, owned and operated by Washington’s own Price family, is a place where that love is all around. Located 65 miles north of Seattle in beautiful Sedro Wolley, the 34-acre farm boasts a variety of crops including tomatoes, garlic, plums and pears, but specializes in apples—lots and lots of apples. Right around 120 different varieties. Yes 120! So whether you’re looking for apples to slice, dice, bake, roast or munch, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Apple picking season is in full swing at Jones Creek Farm and there’s no better way to spend a fall afternoon than strolling through the orchard. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures to reach up and grasp a firm, sweet Braeburn, Jonagold, Fuji or Gravenstein before heading for home with your basket full, ready to enjoy some of this season’s sweetest offerings.  After enjoying a few right off the tree, try whipping up this apple sauce recipe, straight from the farm: With a vision to provide great and varied fruit, the Price family planted their first apple trees in 1993. They and their customers have been reaping the benefits ever since. The best part? You can pick them yourself.

Farmer Les Price has just one tip when you’re selecting apples: Don’t go to the grocery store! “Tree ripe is everything,” he says, “And you will never find that in a grocery store.”

If you’re pressed for time and can’t spare an afternoon at the farm, you can still enjoy the harvest by stopping by the Jones Farm Booth at one of these Seattle-area farmers’ markets:

Redmond Saturday Market
University District Farmers Market

Jones Creek Farm offers over 100 varieties of apples, including popular choices for cooking and eating on their own.

Best Cooking Apples






Northern Spy

Callvile Blanc

Best Apple Varieties for Eating



Cox Orange Pippin




Ashmede’s Kernel

Best Way to Store Apples

Don’t wash apples until you’re ready to use them

Keep apples in a cool, dark place to help them maintain their texture and flavor

Wrap apples individually in newspaper to keep them from bruising and spoiling


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