Must-Eat San Francisco Restaurants

The San Francisco restaurant scene is always serving it up for the never-ending parade of eaters. Here are a few restaurants you might want to explore this winter.

Sometimes you just want to go out late at night and get a big plate of comfort food, like mac and cheese, or maybe a burger with all the fixings- cheese, caramelized onions, , applewood smoked bacon and a bit of wasabi aioli. Other nights you’re more in the mood for a small plate of melon with pecans and honey, or a perfectly seasoned grilled lamb porterhouse. At Grub, you don’t have to choose. The mix of high and low style foods on the menu will make everyone happy- especially their “make your own” mac and cheese option, and the vegan and gluten-free veggie burger.
758 Valencia St. (near 18th Street), San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that already has a plethora of great coffee spots, but with something as essential to life as coffee, I say the more the merrier. Ma’velous  apparently also believes that variety is the spice of life- each coffee can be prepared six different ways. With sweet pastries by the local Sandbox Bakery, Ma’velous is a good place to snack while trying to figure out how all the fancy machines work. For a post-workday happy hour, head there at night and try the beer and wine selection along with the small “farm to table” focused menu of cheese and meats.
1408 Market St. (near Polk Street), San Francisco

There are times when most people wish they had an Italian grandma to make them heaping plates of fresh pasta, perfectly crafted gnocchi and bowls full of thick, rustic soups. Seven Hills is about as close as you can get. This Italian bistro features housemade pastas and has a focus on farm to plate main dishes. Even their desserts show their dedication to the craft of traditional cooking- don’t skip the Italian doughnuts or the house made ricotta with clementine, candied pistachios, honey and baked Filo chips.
1550 Hyde Street (at Pacific Ave), San Francisco

And try out  Straw, a fun restaurant in Hayes Valley serving carnival-inspired comfort food. There are accents from your favorite 3-ring circus throughout the decor and menu such as the contortionist (pretzel bites/honey mustard/chopped parsley), the bearded lady (pulled pork/blackberry coulis/chipotle bbq/citrus slaw) and flying saucer (peanut butter mousse/house-made chocolate fudge/candied bacon/caramel). Wow!  Oh yeah, and a Tilt-o-Whirl booth.  Straw is a unique addition to the SF food scene.
203 Octavia Blvd, between Page St. and Lily St., San Francisco


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