Local Food the Incredible Edible Way

Photo credit: Velkol
Photo credit: Velkol

Lately I’ve been thinking about the millions of acres of (waste)land that now occupy the middle of our country, it occurs to me that eventually it might just roll over and give up after being fed a life-sucking diet of chemicals and tractoring for decades. Equally alarming is the rate at which the critical sources of water for our current system of intensive food production are being depleted.

How should we respond to this? How do our personal actions contribute to scarcity? When I bought my first home in 2008, I converted the small slice of backyard lawn to food and flower production. It became a soul-satisfying source of seasonal sustainable inspiration, body-strengthening knee bends, and water-wise education.

This year, though, a new conundrum is running amuck in my conscience. What shall I make of my water sucking front lawn in which dandelions have taken up residence. With low inputs de rigueur, how do I justify holding onto my vanity url?  Facing a constant weed job and a mind-numbing takeover of the lawn snatchers, a tipping point has arrived.

I could take the advice of this columnist and shape up my caretaking techniques, but all signs are pointing to my lawn as a dying breed of beautification. Enter the Incredible Edible Todmorden. Watch this perfect little inspiration for a world awash with food conundrums. What’s yours?


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