How to Taste Cheese


If you’re looking for a few tips on tasting cheese, you’ve come to the right place. Eva Ford spoke with Gianaclis Caldwell of Pholia Farm in Rogue River, Oregon to get the scoop on this versatile food.Cheese-tasting involves a few rituals. Like red wine, it should be served at room temperature. In critical tastings, judges check cheese texture by first breaking off a small piece and crumbling it.

If you’re pairing cheeses with beer or wine, Gianaclis recommends tasting the beverage first since cheese fat coats the tongue and can limit the wine’s profile if tasted first. However, “ale and champagne…are known as tongue ‘scrubbers’ and will often pair well with cheese.”

While they have yet to find a good wine pairing for their Ellis Peak cheese, some craft ales are “unbelievable with it,” Gianaclis proclaims. “I prefer wines myself, but I must agree that more beers go well with our aged cheeses than wines do,” she adds.

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