Local-Source Your Seattle Valentine’s Dinner

Forget to make a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day this year? Or maybe you think sitting in a loud restaurant crammed with strangers isn’t so romantic. Since Seattle is home to four year-round farmers markets (U District, West Seattle, Pike Place Market, and Ballard), why not hit one up for fresh, local ingredients and whip up a home cooked meal for your sweetheart instead?

The Details
No matter what anyone says, flowers are always a good idea. Right now it’s the season for tulips and daffodils, and you’ll find buckets of them available at Seattle-area farmers markets. Set the mood with a bouquet of colorful orange, red, and yellow blooms from Alm Hill Gardens, and grab a bottle of Rockridge Orchards Honey Wine or Quarry Stone Hard Cider (they also have tasty non-alcoholic options) to start the evening off right.

Hard Cider, Mead, and Wine from Rockridge Orchards

The Appetizer
Start with a sure crowd-pleaser: soft, crusty French bread spread with mouth-watering spreadable cheese or flavored butter. Grateful Bread has giant baguettes that are the perfect complement to Golden Glen Creamery’s delicious garlic & sea salt, honey, or chocolate & orange butters. Thrill your tastebuds by adding some truffle-flavored cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery to the mix.

Root vegetables from Full Circle Farm

The Entrée
Plenty of butchers, poultry farms, and fisheries sell their freshest offerings at farmers markets. You can find everything from smoked salmon to lamb, chicken breasts, steaks, and hand-cased sausage. Try a classic recipe that will woo your partner all over again. Throw some good quality beef from Sea Breeze Farm, gourmet potatoes from Olsen Farms, and colorful root veggies from Full Circle into a pot for a few hours and you’ll end up with plates full of satisfying French-style Roast Beef and vegetables.

Dark Chocolate Decadence molten chocolate cake from Hot Cakes

The Dessert
If you really want to go the distance, you could whip up an apple pie or pear cardamom cake with fruit from Collins Family Orchards—or you could take an easier (and just as impressive) way out with a pair of pre-prepped Hot Cakes. Each glass jar holds just the right serving of frozen molten chocolate cake, available in dark or milk chocolate. Just defrost and bake for 15 minutes for a gooey, decadent finish. Let the romance begin!


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