Cruising through a local destination food shop, Jacksonville Mercantile, is my go-to downtime pastime. But last week…Whoa! This little yellow-bright jar glinted from its place on an upper shelf and said “pick me”! Fresh out of that multicultural bastion of San Francisco comes this Hey Boo Coconut Jam delicacy. Also known as Srikaya or Kaya, Coconut Jam  has been adapted by cooks and chefs in Southeast Asia and Europe for hundreds of years, and it can now be found on breakfast tables across America. The consistency is more similar to a thin curd rather than a robust jam, but it is nonetheless ethereal on the palate.

Not to be sated by toast spreading, I spread this on a tart shell, filled it with sliced mango and fresh raspberries, topped it with my favorite crumble topping and baked for 45-50 minutes to get an intense tropical flair.

Let me know in comments your “hot”! or cool idea for using this in your kitchen.

$11/8oz jar,


Image: Barb Magee