Growing Food Brings Pocketbook Power


We could probably all agree that the proverbial grocery store provides the busy human with convenience, insatiable variety, and the familiar debit card swipe. But, in the current economic times growing your own food can also bring a new found sense of independence, self-sufficiency, and control over one’s pocketbook power. With urban gardeners heading to the rooftops across the country and community gardens springing up on asphalt lots, growing food is popping up not only as a serious and fun revival, but a necessity as well.

Every investment of time and money in creating a home garden, be it in hanging pots, raised beds, water jugs, or the front lawn can bring healthy returns in vitality, nutrition, and personal accomplishment. By doing so, you improve the quality of  your food supply and it connects you with a community striving to secure its local food system against scarcity, exposure to chemicals and fluctuation in prices.

Check out this fun video of Roger Doiron, founder of Kitchen Gardens International, presenting a TED talk about the worldwide community of people who are growing their own food.

Image: Canadian Veggie via flickr


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