Grow Water-Wise Food with Tower Garden

Tower GardenAs a nurse practitioner, this week’s guest contributor, Bunny Lewis, lives and teaches the power of healthy nutrition. She resides in Ashland, Oregon where she helps to improve people’s health using the Juice Plus family of whole food nutrition and the Tower Garden system of homegrown food. 

Every day I hear the cry of buy local, NO GMOs, cross contamination from wind or run off from other non-organic farms. We try so hard to eat right and to feed our families and to maintain our health. I’ve watched the cost of produce rise and hear the news of droughts that will cause a loss of crops to our market. Then, a few weeks ago I drove I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley and the California “Dust Bowl” due to the water shortage. The fields were dry, dusty and many orchards were filled with dead trees.  So what do we do to be sure that we have a healthy, safe yet affordable way to feed ourselves?

I remember the great taste of the vegetables that were served right from a garden when I was young. As an adult, my attempts at gardening have not been successful.  In recent years, the local grower’s market has given us fresh, local produce and our own Ashland Food Co-op has great options, but the cost continues to rise and you still have to get to the market to purchase your produce. What if you could grow your own in an easy, affordable way?


Tim Blank from Future Growing, LLC, pondered these issues and brought us the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+. “With the Tower Garden, people produce healthy and nutritious food with a fraction of the effort and natural resources and in a fraction of the time required by conventional gardening,” Tim says of his proprietary growing system. This aeroponic growing system is a plug and play unit that uses only 10% of the water a traditional garden uses, uses 10% of the land, and produces 30% more yield.  This inventive system will feed a family of four with a savings of about $40 a week.

Twenty-five Tower Gardens were recently installed to feed the homeless at a new Platinum Green building. The Tower Gardens had to meet the best of “green” technologies to be allowed in this building. As a result, The Tower uses very little electricity, recycles the water and is made from food grade plastic, is reusable and will last for over 30 years.

It is simple to grow fruits and vegetables without tilling the soil, hoeing or weeding with the Tower Garden and uses only four feet of space. The taste is fantastic, and the aroma of the plants is amazing. There is nothing like cutting off your salad makings just before you serve. What can be fresher than that!!

Gardening with the Tower Garden is easy and doesn’t take a green thumb. Check the water, the pH and harvest. You choose the seeds to plant. There is no waste, you just harvest as you eat. Your food just continues to grow.

The Tower Garden is the way of the future. Grow your own produce in a sustainable garden and control your food source. There is no more local and healthier way for you and the planet than from your patio to table.

Photo: Simazoran

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