Getting Fungi with Red Owl Mushroom Farm

Brooke_and_Jesse from Red Owl Mushroom Farm
Photo credit: Amie Simon

Are you ready to get fungi with it? We’re talking about mushrooms, of course! Jesse Ott and Brooke Cassell are so passionate about oyster mushrooms that they decided to start a homegrown mushroom farm in their backyard in Lake City.

Creating Red Owl Mushroom Farm with greenhouses they picked up from the local Fred Meyer, these two innovative urban farmers naturally cultivate their oyster mushrooms, shiitake, and lion’s mane in organic wheat straw by carefully controlling the humidity, and then sell the bounty at city farmers markets in order to share these tasty delights with the Seattle community.

pink_and_white_oyster_mushroomsOne thing that’s refreshing about Jesse and Brooke is that their passion extends beyond just trying to sell their product. They’re both more than willing to tell you how easy it is to grow the ‘shrooms in your own house—in fact, they even offer grow kits for $25 so you can try it yourself.

You can currently find Red Owl Mushroom Farm at Seattle-are Farmers Markets during the week and weekends. Check their Facebook page and blog for updates on where the’ll be selling that week. They sell a few varieties of Oyster mushrooms in small and large boxes: Pearl and Phoenix, the latter sometimes emerging in bright pink, which tastes slightly sweeter than the creamy-colored version.

Oyster mushrooms are incredibly versatile and have a very subtle earthiness, tending instead to soak up whatever flavors you put with them. They have an almost meaty texture when cooked, which makes them ideal for vegetarian dishes—yet they still pair well with chicken, fish, or beef.

Stop by and say hello to these two friendly mushroom growers! Their smiles and enthusiasm just might sway you try to some fungi, even if you’re skeptical about how they taste. You can read more about the farm on their blog.

Try these delicious recipes with the first batch you buy:

Incredible Egg and Mushroom Sandwich
Pleurotus Po’Boy

Watch our video with Brooke and Jesse to learn more about why they started Red Owl Mushroom Farm, and for tasty ways to incorporate mushrooms into your daily diet:


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