Dishing Up Exotic Mushrooms All Year

Louis Jeandin of Mushrooms All Year
Louis Jeandin giving a quick cooking lesson. Photo: Cheri Hammons

Ever since Louis “Mushroom Man” Jeandin, owner of Mushrooms All Year, was knee-high, he’s been foraging through forests and fields harvesting wild exotic mushrooms. Following in his ancestor’s footsteps, and carrying on an old European family tradition started in his native French Alps, he brought his wild-crafted mushroom eye stateside and turned his passion into a successful business. The Oregon climate is perfect, he says, for year-round growth, which offers a bountiful variety of wild mushrooms throughout every season.

Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms in their native habitat. Photo: Susy Morris

Jeandin started out selling his freshly found mushrooms to a few local restaurants, and now also ships them to a variety of upscale stores and restaurants nationwide. He can be found locally at the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market every Tuesday and Saturday in Ashland, and every Thursday in Medford. In the fall and winter months, he also teaches cooking classes at The Willows Cooking School, featuring his freshly harvested wild mushrooms. Individual orders can be placed online or by phone.

Fresh Porcini Mushrooms Farmers Market
Photo: Barb Magee

During the spring and summer months, he deals mainly with more exotic mushrooms such as Morel, Porcini, and Lobster, as well as special treats like Mountain Huckleberries. This year, however, the earlier spring weather and drought conditions has led to drier forest conditions that suppress the usually heavy mushroom growth, so he encourages his customers to buy while they’re available.

The fall and winter months see more varieties like Chanterelles, Matsutake, Black Trumpets, Hedgehogs, Yellow Feet, and Black and White Truffles. He also has specialty items such as Truffle Butter, and some exotic novelties like Sea Beans (also known as Glasswort or Sea Asparagus), and Ramps. Dried mushroom assortments are also available year-round. His website features a recipe page where adventurous cooks can find simple, yet delicious suggestions, cataloged by mushroom type.

Inject your meals with some exotic flavor! Try these earthy summertime recipes from Louis:

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Steamed Halibut with Sea Beans and Porcini Mushrooms

Mushrooms All Year

P.O. Box 947

Phoenix, OR 97535

(541) 973-6595


Cheri Browne is a writer, photographer, reveler of Southern Oregon and enamored connoisseur of all things West Coast.


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