In my quest to bring you stories about notable artisans and their food offerings, Pike Place Market in Seattle is that one destination where I will always go to discover what’s “new on the shelf”. A tour through the many food shops lining the street can provide hours of food intrigue that are never disappointing.

One of the best is La Buona Tavola Truffle Cafe, stocked by the owner, Rei Hanscomb, with not only a nice selection of truffle products (also available online), but a hand picked array of artisan foods, that as she says, make her “dork out”!  On the afternoon I stopped in, there were half empty tasting jars (a good sign, right?!) of Fat Toad Farm Salted Bourbon Caramel, Elizabethan Pantry Lemon Curd, and Fiasconaro Almond Cream.

Fat Toad Farm, a family-run goat dairy located in central Vermont, has perfected the art of making caramel over the last seven years and they have quite a hit on their hands! This very silky sweet sauce is worthy of  the attention it’s garnered from food lovers far from their farm…including mine, because they’re part of the movement to change the face and flavor of American food…one farm at a time.

Listen to David Martin, La Buona Tavola’s Wine Steward, talk about what makes him “dork out”, too, about Fat Toad Farm and how he likes to use the Fiasconaro Almond Cream.

Here’s how I used this delicious pour! One of my favorite recipes for French Toast sprinkled with “just a little” Lavender Honey Bee Finishing Salt from Salinity Salts.