Cups of Community at Earth’s Coffee

Earth's Coffee in San Francisco
Earth’s Coffee. Photo: Melissa Vogt

Earth’s Coffee is a small, family-owned coffee shop located on the corner of Geary Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District. This quaint coffee shop is run by sisters Luce and Peri Cesko, who started their humble beginnings in 2009 by responding to a ‘café for sale’ ad on Craigslist, and buying the shop just a few weeks later. Luce had always “entertained the idea of owning a coffee shop,” says Peri. These two sisters now take great pride in serving the neighborhood’s best organic coffee and tea, tasty breakfast and lunch treats, and delicious Lappert’s ice cream.

The Local Dish met up with Luce and Peri to get the scoop on what Earth’s Coffee has to offer its local community members. In addition to organic menu items, customers “can find a couch here to sit on, a guitar to play on, a ukulele, bongo drums, and paper and colored pencils to draw on and with,” Luce states.  Many families and local business men and women leave the sisters notes and drawings that can be found proudly propped up against their windows.

Bagel Sandwich at Earths Coffee
Bagel and Egg Breakfast Sammie. Photo: Melissa Vogt

The shop also has many indoor plants placed on tabletops and two walls of windows, offering fantastic daytime sunshine.  “People love coming in here and they notice the relaxing atmosphere right away,” says Luce.  There is a bookshelf with literary novels and children’s books for people to enjoy while they wait for the coffee, or to read during lunch while sitting in one of the cozy chairs. Free wireless internet access is also available for those who are looking to get some work done!

Whether you’re in the mood for a creamy espresso beverage, some Tulsi Organic Tea, or just grabbin’ a bite to eat, Earth’s Coffee has it all! From simple and tasty bagel sandwiches to BLTs and Mediterranean food plates—the options are endless when it comes to satisfying your palate.  They even serve ice cream that is made with some organic ingredients!  “Lappert’s Ice Cream is something that makes us unique…you can’t get it just anywhere. And the young neighborhood kids love it,” Luce says.

On any given afternoon the shop is bustling with locals getting a cup-of-joe or a yummy sandwich, kids sloppily eating a tasty scoop of ice cream, and happy community members enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Luce and Peri say that the idea behind the shop “was to have a deeper connection with our customers, beyond just ‘Good morning’ and ‘How are you?’.”  The Cesko sisters love the interaction with their customers and have cultivated “lifelong friendships” with some of them.  “We are so blessed by the people who come to our shop.  Each of them is a great teacher to us, and very unique and special to our hearts,” the girls proudly state.

It’s refreshing and inviting to find a coffee shop exhibiting such community. There’s no doubt that their motto—”Where heart sits, community springs!”—rings true, and gently welcomes you the second you step inside this inviting local coffee shop.

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